Tips to help you stay safe near roadways and minimize distractions

Did you know?
96.4% of pedestrian casualty collisions occurred in urban areas and 29.3% occurred during the evening rush-hour (3-7 PM)

During rush hour, drivers must keep track of 3,000 items including pedestrians like you. To help ensure that other motorists see you, you need to pay attention too. Here's where to start.

1) Remove your headphones

When you're walking near busy roadways, you need to be able to use all your senses to stay safe. We recommend you take out your earbuds so you can listen for changes in traffic such as emergency response vehicles.

2) Put your phone away

When you're crossing the street, look at the cars around you and not at your phone. Be prepared in case a driver makes a mistake or wrong turn.

3) Use the sidewalk

When there's one available, always walk on the sidewalk. If there isn't one, walk off the road, facing traffic, staying as far away from vehicles as possible.