How booster seats save childrens' lives

Did you know?

Without a booster seat, a child is 3.5 times more likely to suffer from a head injury in a collision

When should a child use a booster seat?

Once a child reaches the maximum weight or height limit of their forward-facing car seat, as stated by the manufacturer, he/she can move into a booster seat.

  • Booster seats are easy to install and generally have a low purchase price
  • Without a booster seat, an adult seat belt can potentially ride up too high on the child's stomach or neck causing serious internal injuries in the event of a crash
  • A booster seat helps position the lap belt portion of the seatbelt over the strongest bones (the hips), not across the soft abdomen
  • Booster seats help place the shoulder belt across the child's chest, preventing the upper body and head from moving forward during a collision

Learn how to choose a booster seat, when buying a child safety seat, and tips on how to keep your child busy while on the road.